Short Squeeze Screen For August 15th

This is a list of short squeeze candidates that will get updated when new short interest data comes out on the 15th and end of month.
If you are familiar with Phil Erlangers work you will know that he has found success at buying stocks in an uptrend that have an increase in short interest. Below is the equity curve of Mr. Erlangers short squeeze setup.

Below is a list of the stocks with very high short interest as a percentage of the float and sorted by 6 month relative strength. The idea is that it is bullish that these stocks are able to continue higher with such dour sentiment and heavy selling from shorts. When the shorts admit defeat and throw in the towel, they have to buy and cover the position which will boost the stocks even higher.

The screen was down -12% from the August 2nd screen. As a comparison the S&P was down -6.4%.

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