An email from a subscriber

Below is a copy of an email I received from a subscriber last week.

“I have been using your service for a month now….primarily your VIX and Nasdaq set ups. I have been using deep in the money options as a proxy for the index. I have been tweaking my money management during this time…sometimes staying too long in a trade…sometimes missing some upside. That being said, I still achieved a 74% return from 7/19-8/19. 

I have reviewed many ETF services during that period and their track record for a really rough period in the markets has really stunk!

Keep up the good work, 

John F”

John, thanks for the note and congratulations on your performance. Our market timing model have been doing very well during this market rout , YTD the Intermediate term S&P model is up 9% , NDX model is up 5%, VIX model using VXX for shorts an VXZ for longs is up 4%, Optimal momentum model is up 13.5% and the Asset allocation model is up 1.8%. As a comparison the S&P is down -6% year to date.

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